Meet the Maker

My design focus is finding solutions to everyday problems. Creating goods that simplify how people live their lives is my passion. When designing my products, the customer experience is constantly on my mind. I always ask myself how the product will be used so that I can make sure that it is useful in your daily life. If you like to sketch and you like to carry a field notebook, what can I do to create a design that allows you to carry your everyday essentials, but also gives you easy access to your notebook? The Indy wallet makes that experience possible. If you have a wedding to go to and you need something that holds just the minimal items to avoid bulk in your suit pockets, the Ludwig keeps things simple for you. These customer experiences are the foundation for what we want to accomplish.

It's important for me to make goods that are designed to last because with use, they will start to tell the story of the user’s life. There is nothing better and more custom than a leather wallet or a case that you've had for 5, 10, 15 years that is still going strong and has created a beautiful patina the reflects your life experiences.